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simple profession

The simple profession is a major set of vows made in becoming a Christian monk. These vows are poverty, chastity, and obedience.

This project is dedicated to Brother Joseph, an adherent of the Cistercian order. Joe joined the Irish Cistercians in 1954 after a brief career as a carpenter. In 1961 he travelled to Australia to play a role in the construction of a new monastery and dedicated his life to this new community. He stayed faithful to his brothers until he died in 2014. Joe was my great uncle.

This work sets out to document how two communities, separated by over 10,000 miles, are united in purpose and a shared way of life. By following Joe’s extraordinary journey, I question why men choose to spend their lives devoted to these places and people, as well as the often overlooked value of Christian monasticism in the world today. 

This work was shown at Don’t Lick the Walls. @dltw24. This project was nominated for the Hahnemühle Student Award 2024 and won the Genesis Imaging Bursary award 2024. 

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This work is a mixture of digital and medium format film. Shot at Mt. St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea, Ireland and Tarrawarra Abbey, Australia.